The Digital Revolution

We are proud to announce our latest technological advance in Computerized Posture Analysis and Computerized Spinal Exam (EMG).  These non-invasive procedures can visually show you your posture compared to correct posture, and the state of your nervous system.

The Digital Posture Analysis

Photos are taken of a patient using a digital camera with focus points (dots) placed on the person's clothing.  The data is inserted into an advanced computer screening program that measures over 30 critical posture points on your body.  The data is analyzed and a full screen printout is developed showing your posture analysis.  Below is some technical data as well as actual photos from a screening at the bottom of the page.

Please call Community Chiropractic Offices to schedule your posture screening and evaluate what additional hidden stresses may be affecting you.   Dr. Jens can instruct you which exercises and corrective chiropractic measurements can be taken to relieve the stress on your body.  This is one sure way to relieve those hidden things that may be affecting your overall health- without drugs or medicines...naturally!

Normal, neutral posture has been well established, as illustrated in figure 1.

Lateral View

A plumb line should pass through